Tifway Bermuda Grass Hawaii, Seashore Paspalum Grass

For the past five years, Ali’i Turf has provided grass for some of the finest golf courses on the islands of Hawaii. Ali’I Turf grasses have been used to plant new golf courses and provide renovation for others. We also offer sales of these grasses internationally.

Ali’i Turf Company, L.L.C. offers three types of grasses for golf courses. They are SeaDwarf Seashore Paspalum, MiniVerde and Tifway Bermuda Grass.

SeaDwarf Paspallum is a patented grass from Environmental Turf (link with Environmental Turf). This grass can be used wall to wall (greens, tees, fairways and roughs) on a golf course. SeaDwarf Seashore Paspalum is salt tolerant and can take some shade. Most of the world famous golf courses and resorts are planted with SeaDwarf Paspalum. For my information about Seashore Paspalum please go to Environmental Turf (find exact page address and link).

For those who love to play on a  Tifway Bermuda green grass, the patented MiniVerde is the type of grass you need to have. MiniVerde is one of the best hybrid ultra dwarf Bermudas in this century. On the golf course this grass is used mostly for the greens. It can take cold weather and shade as well as tropical climates. It is a rich dark green and has less thatch. MiniVerde requires less maintenance. For more information about MiniVerde please link to MiniVerde.com (find exact page address and link.)

Tifway is a hybrid Bermuda grass Hawaii homeowners and golf courses use. It has been the most popular sports Sod Turf grass for the last 40 years. Its fine texture and beautiful dark green color make it a good choice for golf course fairways and tees. This grass is dense and spreads rapidly. Tifway recovers from injuries quickly and is one of the toughest, most durable hybrid Bermudas on the market.

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