Turf Grass Hawaii & Sod for Lawns

HOMEOWNERS who want grass for their personal properties or homes.  Many residential customers need help deciding on what would be best for their landscape.

In any new construction, the area of the landscape which is most often overlooked, but has the greatest impact on final appearance of the house or business, is the lawns or “turf garden.”  In new construction, the area around the property is usually turf-free at completion.  This can bring about “Mud Splash” on the newly complete structure to a height of more than four feet.  Some install plastic around the project to minimize the “red mud stain.”  This stain usually must be painted over or sandblasted after purchase to be eliminated.

Workmen and new owners walking in and out of the their projects will also track in red

mud.  This stain is almost impossible to get out of carpets.  What a pity to have a new house or office with stained floors!  Again, there is the additional cost of cleaning and or replacement.

Until completely grown in from plugging or seeding, the grass area is inaccessible and mud splash will still occur.  Turf grass sod around the home means that the mud splash will be eliminated.  It all means immediate access to thelawn and more enjoyment  of the Hawaii we have come to enjoy.

The solution is Turfgrass Sod:  The Instant Lawn Garden

Provides air purification, dust control, mud elimination, cooling, free oxygen for the environment. The environmentally friendly answer to mud control!

While we don’t do sod installation, we have a number of local landscapers that we can highly recommend for you.










Photos courtesy of Steve’s Landsscaping Service

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